Born in Aschaffenburg, Germany

1982 - 1986

Apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Hildesheim, Germany


Training and assistant time as a goldsmith.
Internship under the sculptor Moritz Bormann, Hildesheim, Germany.

1986 - 1991

Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Germany under Prof. E. Hoeßle. Appointment as master student and diploma.

since 1996

Artistic dialog within the field of constructive sculpture.
Participation in competitions in architectural art and public art thereby achieving awards, acquistions and executions of his works.


1st prize, architectural art competition, penal institution in Würzburg, Germany


Commissional work for the construction of a memorial for the "victims of euthanasia", foster homes in Scheuern, Nassau, Germany.


Award for contemporary art of the New Art Association Aschaffenburg, Germany

2017 Höger Memorial Award Kaufbeuren, Germany

since 2008

National and international exhibitions, exhibition participations and art fairs : Cologne, Karlsruhe, Munich, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Wuxi/China, Zurich

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